Welcome to Howard’s ATA Martial Arts – Manchester! For anyone who wants to learn modern self-defense, get fit and have fun doing so, we are hands down the best choice you can make in Manchester.

Our passionate instructors focus on YOUR success by helping you achieve your individual goals - whether it be to have an outlet to release excess energy, gain more confidence, become bully-proof, or get physically fit. Taekwondo training with us will help you accomplish all that… and so much more!

Howard’s ATA Martial Arts is a modern school that appeals to families from all walks of life. We train hard in Kid’s and Adult Martial Arts and, more specifically, Taekwondo. But we’re not about creating fighters and we’re definitely not a “fighter’s gym.”

Our students consist of kids, teens, parents and single people. Busy professionals, everyday working people and kids in school who want to learn the martial arts for self-protection and maybe even take it up a notch and compete in tournaments. So we train hard and seriously, but in a way that the average person can greatly benefit. And did I mention that we have a lot FUN at it too! 

Beginners Welcome! We have classes for EVERYONE. You do not have to be in excellent shape or an experienced athlete to take our classes. It doesn’t matter who you are, what your background is or whether you know anything about martial arts. Our classes are all-inclusive, and they’re meant for people of any age, shape, size and fitness level. We will help you achieve your goals – one epic kick, powerful punch and hand attack at a time.

Training with us is one of the best “whole body” workouts you can do because no other sport or workout will develop speed, strength, flexibility, balance and endurance like our Taekwondo program does.

As you learn new self-defense techniques and hone your skills, your body will become incredibly fit, strong and lean. Because you’re having so much fun, laughing, smiling and high fiving your new friends here, you’ll completely lose track of time and won’t even realize how much exercise your body and mind just got.

Martial arts training is an excellent way for both kids and adults to connect with their bodymind and spirit. In every class, you’ll get…

  • Laser like focus & concentration skills
  • Soaring courage and confidence
  • A healthy self-image and greater respect for self & others
  • A “can do” attitude and determined spirit
  • A super lean & healthy body

Those are all life skills that will help your child become bully-proof at school and wherever they go, get better grades and expand their confidence to other parts of their life. All this sets the stage for great success now and in the future.

You’d think that with all those amazing benefits, martial arts training would cost a fortune… and it probably does at other places. But not here at Howard’s ATA Martial Arts. We just offer top notch training at affordable prices and we call it “affordable excellence.”

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For adults, learning self-defense techniques is an excellent way to feel empoweredconfident and ready to protect themselves and their family, if necessary. Having that peace of mind alone is priceless.

Howard’s ATA Martial Arts has the absolute BEST instructors in town! They’re highly qualified, experienced and know how to teach kids at a kid level. They love what they do and you’ll see that the minute you walk through the doors.

Our state-of-the-art facility is super clean and safe. The vibe here is positive and encouraging and we won’t accept anything less than that. We guarantee you’ll feel like you belong here… in our growing family of martial artists. You’ll train your butt off, but you’ll also have a lot of fun and learn a lot of life lessons.

Come join our happy family here at Howard’s ATA Martial Arts and see for yourself how you can train your body and mind to do amazing things, acquire life skills for success and get more VALUE for your money here.

We can't wait to train with you and cheer you on every step of the way. See you soon!

Meet Jordan Howard
Owner at ATA Manchester Martial Arts in Manchester, MO
6th Degree Black Belt

Jordan Howard is a 6th Degree Black Belt and Master Instructor in the ATA. Master Howard has been training in martial arts since the age of 5 and has operated schools in Osage Beach and Jefferson City with his wife, Kelsey Howard..

Meet Kelsey Howard
Instructor at ATA Manchester Martial Arts in Manchester, MO

Mrs. Howard is the Program Director and, together, the family runs their business professionally within a family atmosphere.

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How to Get Started

Come join our Manchester, MO facility! We offer programs in Kids Martial Arts, Adult Martial Arts, and Birthday Parties . Choose a program that most interests you and take the opportunity to sign-up right here on our site for one of our awesome web specials. Or feel free to give us a call at (636) 527-0062 if you have any further questions. We hope to speak with you soon!